Reference is made to the press releases by VAM Investments SPAC B.V. in liquidation (in liquidatie) (the “Company”) of 12 January 2024 regarding the results of the Tender Offer Buyback and of 16 January 2024 regarding, inter alia, the Company’s dissolution and delisting. Further reference is made to the Company’s shareholder circular dated 5 December 2023 (the “Circular”).

For a limited period, the Company is providing Ordinary Shareholders who did not participate in the Tender Offer Buyback the opportunity to offer their Ordinary Shares to the Company for repurchase. Such repurchase would be on the same terms as those for the Tender Offer Buyback set out in the Circular. In case of interest, please contact the Company (info@vaminvestments-spac.com) and/or your financial intermediary.

Please refer to the Circular for further information. Capitalised terms used but not defined shall have the meaning given thereto in the Circular.

No offer is being made to any person in any jurisdiction in which such offer would be unlawful or require prior approval.

Investor Relations

AGM 19 June 2024 – PoA

Giugno 4, 2024|Investor Relations|

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AGM 19 June 2024 – Notice

Giugno 4, 2024|Investor Relations|

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EGM 16 January 2024 – Voting Results

Gennaio 16, 2024|Investor Relations|

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Press Release – Tender Offer Buyback and Last Day of Trading

Gennaio 12, 2024|Press Release|

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Press Release – Extension of Tender Offer Buyback Acceptance Period

Dicembre 22, 2023|Press Release|

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Press Release – EGM 16 January 2024

Dicembre 5, 2023|Press Release|

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